Publications of Dinil Mon Divakaran
Books and Edited Volumes
  1. Dinil Mon Divakaran. Dealing with Elephants in the Internet: Towards a Flow-Based Internet Architecture. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-8473-1448-6, 2011.

Conference Articles
  1. Reena Singh, Dinil Mon Divakaran and Timothy A. Gonsalves. Taking Rural BPO to New Heights: An ACM for Distributed and Secure Document Sharing, In Fifth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (IEEE ANTS 2011), Dec., 2011. Accepted for publication.

  2. Dinil Mon Divakaran. Using Spikes to Deal with Elephants. In IPCCC 2011, 30th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, Nov., 2011. Accepted for publication

  3. Dinil Mon Divakaran, Eitan Altman and Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet. Size-Based Flow-Scheduling Using Spike-Detection. In ASMTA 2011: Proc. of the 18th International Conference on Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 6751 : 331-345, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2011. [WWW]