Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa

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Phone: 01905-237056
EMail: jaspreet[at]iitmandi[dot]ac[dot]in
Address: School of Engineering
IIT Mandi, PWD Rest House 2nd floor,
Near Bus Stand, Mandi - 175001

Research interests

  • Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) for controlled drug delivery.
  • Electrochemical biosensors based on metal oxide
  • Self assembly processes
  • Bio mineralisation


  • PhD (2000) "DDU Gorakhpur" University
  • M.Sc (1996) from “North Maharashtra University ” Polymer Chemistry

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Centre For Material Science and Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (July 2009- Jan 2014)
  • Consultant Scientist, Optima Innovations, Paris, FRANCE (Jan- July2008)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Postdoctoral Researcher (May 2006 - July 2007)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher ,University of Huddersfield, UK (Aug 2004 - May 2006)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Gunma University, Japan (2002 Oct-April 2003 )
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), India(2000 April – 2002 Oct )

Awards and Honors

  • University of Bradford, UK, Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • University of Huddersfield, UK Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France, Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • Research Associateship by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) India.
  • Senior Research Fellowship (Extended) by CSIR, India.


  • Jaspreet K. Randhawa and Nobuyuki Tanaka “ Method of manufacturing polyamide porou membrane ”Japanese patent No.4841985.
  • Single-step synthesis of multimodal magneto-fluorescent core-shell superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles ...... at the Indian patent office. Patent application number: 202011021910.


List of publications- Dr Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa.
    1. Effect of composition and calcination on the enzymeless glucose detection of Cu-Ag bimetallic nanocomposites M Chawla, B Pramanick, JK Randhawa, PF Siril Materials Today Communications, 101815 , 2020.
    2. Fluorescent mantle carbon coated core–shell SPIONS for neuroengineering applications A Tiwari, R Kumar, O Shefi, JK Randhawa ACS Applied Bio Materials 3 (7), 4665-4673, 2020.
    3. Systematic spectroscopic investigation of structural changes and corona formation of bovine serum albumin over magneto-fluorescent nanoparticles A Tiwari, P Bhatia, JK Randhawa Dalton Transactions 49 (35), 12380-12389,2020.
    4. Graphitic Carbon Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles for Dual Mode Imaging and Hyperthermia A Tiwari, NC Verma, S Turkkan, A Debnath, A Singh, G Draeger, ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (1), 896-904, 2019.
    5. Real-Time Observation of Magnetic Field-Induced Fluorescence Engineering in SPIONs A Tiwari, NC Verma, JK Randhawa, CK Nandi. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (45), 27759-27764.2019.
    6. Multifunctional magneto-fluorescent nanocarriers for dual mode imaging and targeted drug delivery A Tiwari, A Singh, A Debnath, A Kaul, N Garg, R Mathur, A Singh, .ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (5), 3060-3072,2019.
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    12. Enhanced Sensitivity of Nanostructured Copper Oxide for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Biosensing V Sharma, M Chawla, JK Randhawa Journal of the Electrochemical Society 163 (13), B594, 2016.
    13. Solid lipid nanoparticles of stearic acid for the drug delivery of paliperidone S Kumar, JK Randhawa RSC advances 5 (84), 68743-687502015
    14. Paliperidone-loaded spherical solid lipid nanoparticles SK JK Randhawa RSC Adv. 4 (2014), 30186, 2014.
    15. Effect of surfactant on temperature stability of solid lipid nanoparticles studied by dynamic light scatterings S. Kumar, J Kaur AIP Conference Proceedings 1536 (1), 163-164, 2013.
    16. High melting lipid based approach for drug delivery: solid lipid nanoparticles S. Kumar, JK Randhawa Materials Science and Engineering: C 33 (4), 1842-1852, 2013.
    17. Preparation and characterization of Paliperidone loaded solid lipid nanoparticles S Kumar, JK Randhawa Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerface 102, 562-568, 2013.
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Conferences / Symposia / Workshops.
    1. Poster presentation on “curcumin encapsulated zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIF-8) nanocarriers for efficient pH responsive drug delivery” authored by Ashish Tiwari and Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa at international Conference on Biomaterials, Biodiagnostics, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine (BiTERM 2016) held from 15th to 17th April, 2016 at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India.
    2. Poster presentation on Curcumin encapsulated zeolitic imidazolate frameworks for stimuli responsive drug delivery and their interactions with biomimetic environment authored by Ashish Tiwari and Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa in Thematic conference in chemical sciences TCCS-2017 held from 15th May to 17th May, 2017 at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Punjab, India.
    3. S. Chawla and Jaspreet. K. Randhawa, “Superiority of macrogol glyceride over sodium deoxycholate for the preparation of Paliperidone loaded solid lipid nanoparticles” Select Bio, Nanomedicine, 30-31 May 2013, New Delhi. 4. Sacheen Kumar and Jaspreet Kaur International Conference on Recent Trends in Applied Physics and Material Science Bikaner 1-2 Feb 2013.
    5. S. Chawla and Jaspreet.K. Randhawa, “Synthesis and characterization of Paliperidone containing solid lipid nanoparticles” Nano-2012, Rhodes Island, 26-31 August, 2012, Greece. (Accepted, but was not presented)
    6. S. Chawla and Jaspreet.K. Randhawa, “Synthesis and Characterizations of Paliperidone containing Solid Lipid Nanoparticles” National Symposium on Nanobiotechnology (NSNB-2012), IIT Mandi, 1-2 June, 2011.
    7. M. Bagga, S. Chawla and J. K. Randhawa “Synthesis and Characterizations of Magnetite Nanoparticles” National Symposium on Nanobiotechnology (NSNB-2012), IIT Mandi, 1-2 June, 2011.
    8. Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa, International Conference on Advances in Condensed and Nano Materials (ICACNM-2011), Punjab University, Chandigarh, February 23-26, 2011, India.
    9. 9th International conference on nanostructured materials, NANO-2008, 01-06 June 2008, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. 10. Annual conference of NATAS, 21-23 September, 2005, Sheraton Hotel, Universal city, California, USA.
    11. French-German summer school of research on Catalysis (NDC at 2004), 28.09.04-01.10.04, University of Saarland, GERMANY.
    12. Workshop on basic principles of ESR spectroscopy and its applications, Aug, 2004, University of Manchester, UK.
    13. Jaspreet Kaur, Anand Gole and Murali Sastry, National symposium on self-assembly processes and nanomaterials, 29-30, Oct, 2001, Guru Nanak Dev. University, Amritsar, India.
    14. G. Singh, I.P.S. Kapoor, S.K. Tiwari, J. Kaur, O.P. Singh, S. P. Felix and D.K. Pandey, Proc. of the 15th National Convention of Aerospace Engineers (Aerotech-2001) at BIT, Ranchi, pp IV. 3.1.
    15. G. Singh, I.P.S. Kapoor, S.K.Tiwari, J. Kaur, O.P. Singh, S. P. Felix and D.K. Pandey, Proc. HEMCE-2000, held at VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram, INDIA during Dec. 6-8, 2000.
    16. JaspreetKaur, Indian Science Congress, Jan. 3-7, 2000, University of Pune, India.


    Project Title & Project No.

    Sponsoring Agency


    Project Cost

      (In Rs.)

    Duration of Project with starting date & End date

    Spring Rejuvenation for Water

    Security in Himalaya;


     Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa


     15/07/2020 (3yrs)

    Jal Abhyaranya”

    IHR State: Himachal Pradesh

    Aspirational District: Chamba


    Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa



    10 Months.

    Development of Low Cost Accelerated Water Purification Systems with Added Mineralization for Himalayan Region


    Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa,

    Bharat Singh Rajpuorhit(CoPI) & Samar Agnihotri(CoPI)


    Ongoing (3 years)

    Spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in Una, Bilaspur, Solan and sirmaur


    Subrata Ghosh $ Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa(Co-PI)


    Ongoing (3 years)

    Completed projects

    Novel Routes For Nano Crystallisation Of Energetic Compounds


    Prem Felix Siril Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa & Prasanth Jose


    Complete, 13.02.2013 to 12.02.2017 (4 years)

    Nano Structured Metal Oxides: Application to Biosensing

    ICMR, New Delhi

    Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa


    Complete (2012-2016)

    Development of solid lipid nanoparticles as nanocarrier for drug delivery

    Seed grant

    Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa


    Complete Jan 2021

Project staff
    Dr. Mohit Chawla,
    Manish Kumar,
    Siddhant kumar
PhD Student
    Dr .Ashish Tiwarii