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Prof. Suman Kalyan Pal
Chairperson & Professor
School of Physical Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
E-mail: suman@iitmandi.ac.in

News & Updates

Congratulations to Dr. Bhuvan Upadhyay for
successfuly defending his thesis on 12th April, 2024

Recent Publications


  1. Sahil Bhandari, Milon Kundar, Manjari Chakraborty, Pal, S. K.; Exciton dynamics in two-dimensional metal halide perovskite: The impact of film processing. J. Chem. Phys.160 (4): 044709 (2024)
  2. Kundar, M., Kumar, P., Sharma, S.K., Singh, R. and Pal, S. K., Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Direct Surface Passivation Employing 2D Perovskites. Sol. RRL. (2023) .
  3. Kushavah, D.; Mushtaq, A.; Pal, S. K. Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Two-Dimensional Mo-doped Dual Phase Inorganic Lead Halide Perovskite" J. Phys. Chem. C (2023).
  4. Upadhyay, B.; Sharma, R.; Maity, D.; Narayan, T. N.; Pal, S. K. Ultrafast carrier dynamics in vanadium doped MoS2 alloys" Nanoscale (2023) .
  5. Verma, A.; Soni, A.; Sarkar, A. S.; Pal, S. K. Defect-mediated saturable absorption and carrier dynamics in tin(II) monosulfide quantum dots" Opt. Lett.", 48, 4641-4644 (2023)
  6. Singh, R.; Kundar, M.; Pal, S. K.; Sharma, S. K. Bandgap Engineered Double-Cation/Double-Halide (DCDH) Quasi-Cubic Perovskite for Highly Efficient (> 36%) Indoor Photovoltaics" IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2023)
  7. Kundar, M.; Bhandari, S.; Chung, S.; Cho K.; harma, S.K.; Singh, S.; Pal, S.K. "Surface Passivation by Sulfur-Based 2D (TEA)2PbI4 for Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells" ACS Omega, 14 12842–12852 (2023).
  8. Soni, A.; Kushavah, D.; Lu, L.-S.; Chang, W.-H.; Pal, S. K. "Efficient Multiple Exciton Generation in Monolayer MoS2" Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14 2965–2972 (2023).
  9. Nagaraju, N., Kushavah, D., Ghosh, S., Pal, S.K. "Photophysical, electrochemical and electron donating properties of rhodanine-3-acetic acid-linked structural isomers" Chemical Physics, 566 111793 (2023).

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