• Title: Resource allocation and protocols for heterogeneous IoT networks: Applications in smart homes, buildings, and cities
    Funding agency: DST-SERB
    Nature of project: Core Research Grant
    Sanctioned amount: 17.93 Lakhs INR
    Duration: 3 years (Mar, 2022 - Mar 2025)

  • Title: Developing a low-cost, scalable and resilient agricultural Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework
    Nature of project: Seed grant
    PI: Dr. Srikant Srinivasan
    Sanctioned amount: 15 Lakhs INR
    Duration: 3 years

  • Title: Developing a Sensor Based Real Time River Flow Monitoring Framework for Forecasting Flash Floods
    Funding agency: HIMCOSTE
    PI: Dr. Deepak Swami
    Sanctioned amount: 5 Lakhs INR
    Duration: 2 years