Dr. Timothy A. Gonsalves

Dr. Timothy A. Gonsalves
Phone : (+91) (1905) 300001
EMail : director[at]iitmandi[dot]ac[dot]in
Address : Director
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
Kamand Campus, VPO Kamand
Distt. Mandi - 175005
Himachal Pradesh, India


  • B. Tech. (Electronics), I.I.T., Madras, 1976
  • M. S. (Electrical), Rice University, Houston, Texas, 1979
  • Ph. D. (Electrical), Stanford University, California, 1986


  • Applied research in distributed applications, quality of service, network protocols, mobile/voice-based applications.
  • Development of products and technology in computer networks and telecommunications, especially aimed at mass markets in developing countries.
  • Promotion of software development in rural areas.
  • Teaching in systems areas of computer science and engineering.


  • Department of Computer Science, WPI, Worcester, Massachusetts: Assistant Professor, 1986-1988.
  • Department of Computer Science & Engg, I.I.T., Madras: Assistant Professor (1989) - Professor (present)
    Head of Department (Aug 2005 – Jan 2010)
  • Nilgiri Networks, Ooty: Director, 1999 - 2001 (on leave from IIT)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi Director, Jan 2010 – (present)

Professional Activities

  • Cofounder of the TeNeT Group (Telecommunications and Computer Networking) of IIT-Madras, 1992-present.
  • Helped IIT alumni found R&D companies -- Midas Communications, Banyan Networks, NMSWorks Software and ISoftTech.
  • Founded Nilgiri Networks, Ooty for telecom software development in a small town.
  • Director of NMSWorks Software Ltd and IIT-M Rural Technology Business Incubator.
  • Consultant to State Bank of India, Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), and 3i Infotech.
  • Conference/Program Co-Chair, IFIP Home Oriented IT Conference (HOIT 2007), Aug 2007, IIT-Madras.
  • Member, Technology Committee, Mobile Payment Forum of India (2007-10)

Recent R&D Projects (PI or Joint-PI)

  • Mobile Payment Certification Lab: definition of standards for mobile payments in India, and provision of certification/testing services.
    Sponsor: DIT - Rs. 48 lakhs, Apr. 2009 – Mar 2011
  • Indo-UK Advanced Technology Centre, PI for the Security & Resilience of Next Generation Networks Theme, Joint-PI for the Seamless Mobility and Disaster Recovery and Cross-Layer Energy Aware Network Management Themes. Coordinator for Rural Applications and Seamless Mobility Themes. Applied research and exchange of PhD students in various aspects of Next Generation Networks.
    Sponsor: DST + EPSRC (UK)
    • Security & Resilience of Next Generation Networks Theme: Rs. 1.22 crores
    • Seamless Mobility and Disaster Recovery Theme: Rs. 1.22 crores
    • Cross-Layer Energy Aware Network Management Theme: Rs. 1.76 crores
    • Overall project: Rs. 20 crores; 2009-2011
  • Distributed workflow for rural applications. R&D and development of prototypes for rural enterprises that are scalable across India’s 6,00,000 villages.
    Sponsor: Xerox Innovation Group, Rochester, USA. $1,50,000, Jan 2009-Dec 2011
  • Advanced Research In Communication And Information Technologies Sponsor: coordinated research in 12 areas of computer science that are of interest to DRDO.
    Sponsor: Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DRDO, Bangalore - Rs. 2.0 crores, 2008-2013.
  • Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI): to promote technologies and entrepreneurship for rural applications.
    Sponsors: DST + World Bank - Rs. 6 crores, 2007-2011.
  • Microsoft Technologies Lab: research and training in Microsoft OS technologies.
    Sponsor: Microsoft Corp, USA - $2,05,000, 2008-2010.
  • Advanced Network Management System: architecture, design and implementation of an integrated NMS for convergent telecom networks.
    Sponsor: NMSWorks Software, Chennai - Rs. 80 lakhs, 2002-2009.

Completed R&D Projects (selected)

  • Access terminal: embedded software, real-time OS for low-cost access terminals based on Leon and other processors; local language softwarefor Linux.
    Sponsor: Novatium Solutions, Chennai
  • Rural Automatic Teller Machine: design and implementation of the software of a Rs. 50,000 ATM that has been successfully commercialized.
    Sponsor: Vortex Engineering, Chennai
  • corDECT Wireless Local Loop: design and implementation of the embedded switching software running on Linux OS; performance evaluation of the system.
    Sponsor: Midas Communications, Chennai
  • Direct Internet Access System: system architecture, soft-switching concept.
    Sponsor: Midas Communications, Chennai
  • Minnow+BlueBill Internet Infrastructure Software: Linux-based Internet services and billing for telecom operators, scalable from 100-1, 00,000 subscribers LAN-T: design and implementation of a LAN trainer kit for educational use. In use by over 100 colleges in India, South Asia, Australia and UK.
    Sponsor: Benchmark Microsystems, Chennai


  • Best Paper Award, IPOM 2006 Conference, Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 2006.
  • IETE S.K. Mitra Memorial Award for best research oriented paper in the Journal of IETE in 2000, awarded on 3rd April 2003.

Indian Patents


  • A. Jhunjhunwala & T. A. Gonsalves, A Direct Internet Access System, Patent No. 208017, 12 Jan 2000.
  • A. Jhunjhunwala & T. A. Gonsalves, LAN Trainer Lab Apparatus, Patent No. 928, June 5, 1999


  • A. Jhunjhunwala, T.A. Gonsalves, Vijay Anand, "A Voice-Based System For Providing Online Transactions And Information Access And Retrieval", No. 1018 CHE 2007 dt 14/5/2007.

Institute Service


  • Director from 1/2010 - present


  • Head, Dept of Computer Science & Engg, 8/05 – 1/2010
  • Head, PG Senapathy Centre for Computational Resources, 8/05-11/08
  • Member:
    • Board of Academic Research
    • Board of Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research
    • MTech Admission Committee
    • Library Advisory Committee
  • GATE Chief Examiner for CS


  • Member, Board of Studies, IT Department, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
  • External Examiner for PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland (May 2008), IIT Bombay, University of Hyderabad, Anna University.


Publications In Refereed Journals

  • R. Madanagopal, N. Usha Rani, T.A. Gonsalves, "Path Computation Algorithms for Dynamic Service Provisioning with Protection and Inverse Multiplexing in SDH/SONET Networks", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, accepted, Feb 10.
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Publications In Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Reena Singh and Dinil Mon Divakaran and Timothy A. Gonsalves. Taking Rural BPO to New Heights: An ACM for Distributed and Secure Document Sharing, In Fifth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (IEEE ANTS 2011), Dec., 2011. Accepted for publication.
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Other Publications:

  • Contributing Author, Chapter 9 “Network Management”, in Mani Subramaniam, Network Management: Principles and Practice, Pearson, 2009.
  • B. Sain & T.A. Gonsalves, "KeRTESy: A Real-Time Event-driven Microkernel", Dr. Dobb's.J., Mar. 97, pp. 48--58.
  • T.A. Gonsalves, "Measured Performance of the Ethernet", in Advances in Local Area Networks, eds. K. Kummerle, J.O. Limb, & F.A.Tobagi, IEEE Press, New York, 1987, pp. 383-410.

Tutorials and Short-term Courses (recent)

  • T.A. Gonsalves, “Design of an NMS Server”, ½ day tutorial, NCC-09 15th Nat'l Conf. Commun., Guwahati, Jan. 2009.
  • Shankar Balachandran, T.A. Gonsalves, & Hema Murthy "Teaching Computer Networks Effectively", QIP STTC, , 16-27 June 2008, IIT-Madras.
  • T. A. Gonsalves & Usha Rani, “Security Issues in Wireless Networks”, invited ½ day tutorial, 7th Int’l Conference on Information Technology, Bhubaneswar, Dec. 2006.
  • T.A. Gonsalves & Usha Rani, “Management of Service Level Agreements”, ½ day tutorial, 10th Natl. Conf. Commun. NCC-04, IISc, Bangalore, Jan. 2004.

Invited Talks (recent)


  • "FORESTING INNOVATION at IIT Mandi" on 4th February, 2013, Kathmandu University.
  • "The IIT-Madras Experience in Developing Talent through Incubation”, Agora Talentia, the 1st World Forum on Talent, Pamplona, Spain, Feb. 2009.
  • “Towards Sustainable Development”, The Karlskrona Dialogues, Karlskrona, Sweden, May 2008.
  • “Towards Internet for the Next Billion”, NTU, Singapore, July 2007.
  • "TeNeT & Innovation: The TeNeT Group's Experience in Driving Dreams for India", Univ of California, Irvine, USA, Dec. 2006
  • "Towards Internet for the Next Billion", EECS Department, MIT, USA, Dec 2006


  • As Keynote Speaker "INNOVATION FOR A BETTER INDIA" on 25th-27th October, 2012, MNIT Jaipur.
  • Plenary talk, "ICT for Sustainable Development", 4th Int'l Conf on Computer Appls in Elec Engg - Recent Advances (CERA-09), IIT Roorkee, India, Feb. 20, 2010.
  • Regular invited speaker at various engineering colleges and universities and National Conferences

Professional Society Memberships

  • Member, IEEE
  • Senior Member, ACM
  • Member, CSI